Turn a cost centre into a profit centre

With organised meter data.

Smartvee is an intuitive application for collecting, verifying, correcting and organising meter data. Developed for Heat Utilities, Water Utilities and Electricity Sellers.

Challenges related to meter data:

Lack of own complete meter data base
Gradual transformation from manual to remote readings
Lack of time for data verification


Time-consuming handling of complaints
Infrastructure costs
Lack of specialists in the field of data analysis

Smartvee is an easy-to-use application that helps you find and correct anomalies in your data. You don't need advanced analytical skills to use it.

The data cleaning process consists of several steps.


Uploading meter data into the application


Automatic data verification


Verification of deviations


Preview of results and data export

The use of Smartvee allows:

Have a structured, efficient and scalable meter database
Elimination of human and reading systems errors
Automation of meter data management process including invoicing
Reporting of anomalies and deviations including diagnostics of meters

Our Clients


The simple and clear main panel allows intuitive navigation through the main menu. The possibility of analysis according to specific validation rules (comparison of measurements, negative consumptions, deviations from consumptions, possibility of creating own validation rules) allows to eliminate potentially faulty readings.


Smartvee is a simple tool that supports our systems and has allowed us to streamline a whole range of processes. With better quality meter data, we have increased the efficiency of our billing and invoicing - a small change with a big impact.

Smartvee is also

Creation of a consumption history

Notification of suspicious readings

Information for consumers

Infrastructure and work optimisation



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